A Familiar Friend

There is something so unexplainably magical about this city. Within the first two hours of stepping off the plane in Barcelona, I was hooked and in love with this place. Only once before in my life have I experienced the feeling that this city brings me, from another place on earth. I felt as though I was returning to an old friend, as though I belong here, and as though perhaps my heart has resided here the whole time, as if I have lived here my whole life. My soul instantly matched frequencies with the energy here as soon as I stepped foot on the ground, and from then on, I knew in my heart that I will soon return to dedicate a larger period of time to exploring Barcelona’s hidden secrets, and adapting it’s lifestyle as my own, perhaps for the rest of my life. A wise man, my father in fact, once told me “there are some places, people and things that resonate with your soul and promote a special connection. To find such places, people and things is quite a gift in life”. Barcelona has already made such a special mark in my heart, even in such a short period of time. It has become undyingly apparent that life in Europe is simply different compared to home, especially here. Everyone that I’ve met, regardless of the level of interaction has been so loving, accepting and kind hearted. No matter what you’re looking for to do, whether it’s soaking up the rays of sun while exploring the vast outdoor activities, or going out and meeting people in town, the options are endless. You can party if you want to party, or relax if you want to relax. And I think my favourite part of the people in this city is that when they go out for the night, they do not have an objective to get drunk or to spend the night with someone, they only wish to enjoy time with their friends, connect with new faces on an intellectual level, or simply dance to the beat of the amazing music scene. There is a heavy grungy/90’s vibe floating through the air, as the majority of people of all ages skateboard through the streets, go to electronic music shows and spend time enjoying market shopping with friends, and things of the sort. The reoccurring mentality I have seen is that one should work to live, not live to work, and to be free and yourself, living in the present moments life has to offer. I don’t think there is a single negative thing that I could possibly say about this city. I have had some of the best memories of this trip, met some of the most amazing people and found myself even more in just these few shorts days here. I dread the very thought of leaving, but am once again comforted by the know fact that I will have to return again soon. To say I am impressed by this place is an understatement. I joke with my friends and family about getting a job in the city, living out of my backpack and never coming home, but in reality there is a great amount of truth in every joke. I can feel that my heart and soul are meant to be here, so for now, it will remain my main goal and dream to come back as soon as life will allow me to.

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