A New Kind of Awakening

Today’s post is going to be a bit of a different structure than usual. It is an introduction to a new beginning of sorts. I feel more awakened and connected to myself than I ever have before, and my path in life seems so clear that I feel the need to address the impacts so far of my recent and (as of right now) temporary move to Victoria, BC for the summer months. Something has called me to travel out west for a while now, and for many reasons, I have postponed and ignored the universes many signs. However, upon recent circumstances and opportunities arising, I had decided to adventure out from home to explore and spend time with one of my dearest friends, while balancing school and (hopefully soon) work. Having needed a different change of scenery and lifestyle, I moved all of my things and embarked on this unpredictable and exciting journey. Since then, although I have only been here for five days, never in my life have I been in a position that I have felt so natural and at home before, and so quickly.

There is a greater sense of simplicity to the lifestyle encouraged on the island, but at the same time there is a greater awareness and deeper level of interconnected and sustainable lifestyle encouraged by the environment, classes and people that I have encountered here in such a short time. Each time I walk out into the clean and purified air, I feel comforted and rejuvenated by the nature that surrounds me. I am constantly being encouraged by my surroundings, not only in nature but also by people, to continuously grow and ask myself why I do the things that I do. Yesterday in class, we were asked to write down five things that we would like to individually accomplish during our time as a university student, and then asked to review our previous years actions to analyse how we use our time in terms in relation to how we actually want to prioritize our time. A deeper level of connection and thinking is evident in the ways that people live here, and I am overwhelmed with joy of the feeling that I finally feel as though I am in tune with a greater community of people and an environment that is on a similar wavelength to that which I have been seeking to be on. Walking through campus, I see people enjoying the outdoors, meeting others, exploring new knowledge and expanding their horizons. I feel as though I can freely walk through campus with my piercings out, dressed as I please, and remain completely accepted and unjudged. Sitting down in the quad under a tree, I have been constantly greeted by people sitting by, and investing in conversation. I have never felt more included, accepted, and in the right place as I am right now. I feel as though this entire place in which I currently reside is an open-minded, expanding and welcoming community full of many people that I will soon meet. I do not feel oppressed, but rather accepted and encouraged to find and love myself in my natural form. I feel inspired and encouraged to expand my knowledge and grow as a person continuously, and more excited to learn than I ever have before. I feel appreciated by those I meet, even upon first encounter, and I feel the energies of those around me as warm, comforting figures.

Apart from the people, the island itself makes me curious and eager to explore. The lifestyle seems very laid-back, accepting and simple, as well as thriving, lively and energetic. About a year ago from this time, I wrote about the feelings I had from the simplicity of lifestyle of those in Europe, specifically my aunt, uncle and cousins in Italy. They were content with their surroundings, appreciative of every aspect of life, good or bad, that they encountered, conscientious of their surroundings and impact on others and the planet, and much happier with the less items they had, putting emphasis on family, food, nature and self growth rather than material things and success in things like wealth and power. I have envied and fallen in love with such ways of live ever since. I have since then talked about my dream of finding a matching rhythm or energy source in the world where I can live a simple, meaningful and nutritious (mentally, spiritually and physically) lifestyle.  I believe that I have since, in only five short days of living here, found such a lifestyle. I am not on a demanding and fast-paced constant schedule that leads to never-ending and unsatisfying material gains, but rather a calm and free lifestyle that moves at a growing and educating pace suited to my soul.

I would like to deeply thank everyone in my life that has supported and encouraged this soul searching and spontaneous move to Victoria, even if they have not agreed or shared the same understanding. I would like to let those that I love know that I have never felt so naturally happy and safe as I have here.  I have been free of my anti-depressant and anxiety medication almost the entire duration of my stay in Victoria, and feel as though I am on a path of healthy recovery, rejuvenation, learning, growth and exploration period of my life, which would not have been possible without those that I love believing in me so deeply. I am excited to see where this summer leads in terms of knowledge, growth and exploration, and can not wait to share my experiences with anyone who wishes to read these posts or ask me about my life. And I strongly encourage all of you readers out there to open your mind to spontaneous decisions, following your heart, expanding your mind and accepting and loving others and yourselves. I hope that all of you get the opportunity to find a place where you feel that you belong as much as I have found here, and if you feel the need to explore new things and find a place exactly like what I have described, I highly encourage you to come visit me in Victoria. Guests, letters, phone calls, questions and conversations are always welcomed and appreciated. I’ll write to you friends again soon, most likely next time in a much more visual and adventurous manner, addressing more of the land, people and experiences this opportunity has brought to me.

Until then, Namaste.

Em the nomad

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