If I Stay This Happy Forever

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this trip, it’s that no amount of planning can ever actually prepare you for things in life. Before my trip, I would spend days, weeks and months slaving over bookings and online entries on where about to go, and what to do as I tried to map out a timeline to stick with. Very quickly upon entering my new travel life did I throw away these pointless plans. Though the planning did help to give me a rough road map, the best part about my travels have been the most spontaneous, unplanned and unexpected moments. The moments that make you look back and think “did I really do that? Thank goodness I did, I wonder how much I would have regretted not stepping out of my comfort zone”. These past few weeks have been extremely busy for me. I haven’t been motivated to write much down, other than the casual thought here and there, as I’ve been so caught up with living in the moment that I haven’t had much time for anything to break my pattern of doing so. As I mentioned my love for Barcelona in my previous writings, I felt as though the following destinations I would visit after that had quite the reputation to live up to. While Madrid had some beautiful parks and scenery, it lacked the energy that Barcelona carried with it. Following Madrid, I traveled to Lisbon, Portugal. Though the beginning of my trip there was quite rattling and frustrating, as I was stuck walking around in the rain for hours, unable to enter my Air BNB yet and lost in a new city, I was able to quickly decompress and regain my positive energy. As a firm believer that things that start poorly end up being the best adventures, I quickly met the most amazing group of 6 Canadian boys. Hours in and I was already in love with the spirit of them all. Spending time and traveling with them became so instantly fun, comfortable and familiar, that I felt as though I had known them for years. After only a day, I decided to impulsively cancel my plans in Portugal and run away back to Barcelona with these new friends. The days spent with the boys were by far some of my most memorable of the trip. The stories that came from each hour spent with these boys are far too intricate to share in just one sitting, so I will just have to spare them for another day. The days went by far too quickly, while still having the essence of a lifetime in each one, and it was time to move on to reunite with other friends in France. My love for food peaked in Nice, as I believe diving into the French delicacies might be the highlight of those few days for my friends and I. Many drinks and adventures were shared along the coastline as well, and before I knew it, the time had come to part from my friends one final time. Of course as an opportunity arose to be spontaneous and impulsive once more, I lugged my bags all across town to stay one final day in France in order to welcome a final surprise night with the boys I had left behind in Spain. Hours later, I found myself on yet another plane to another place. While traveling from country to country in fun, the actual traveling the distances part gets pretty tiring some times. I found myself wishing I had spent more time in some countries I had passed through, but realized that the more time I had spent there, the more I would have dreaded leaving. Luckily, my next destination was the one that I was most excited for; Ireland. And who better to welcome me to my favourite place than my favourite person, my father. The nights have been filled with long Irish meals, good company, pub crawls and great music. During the days, we’ve driven our way through the most beautiful country scenery and coasts that I’ve ever seen. Yesterday was probably my favourite however, as one of my top 2 dreams in life was accomplished. Since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt of meeting a man who would take me to run away to Ireland and the Cliffs of Moher with him. Who better to share my dream with, than the only man I need in my life right now! Overwhelmed with emotion, the beauty and magic in the air over the cliffs caught me in a trance. I had no fear to walk close to the edge, as I felt as though I could jump off into the blue water and I would float peacefully down as though I was in a dream, because the entire scene of it all felt too beautiful to be realistic. Never have I ever felt so connected to the earth, to myself in the present, and to my childhood past all at once. There’s something indescribable that happens when one accomplishes one of their life long goals. A few times, I felt as though my soul parted itself from my body for a bit to go to a state of nirvana, and then return to remind me how spectacular everything I was taking in was. At that moment, nothing else in the world mattered, and nothing else ever would except the absolute bliss tingling through my veins. I could have died at that moment, and I would have been content, but luckily instead of doing so, I returned to reality, got back in the car, and continued on my adventure. Though I’m not Irish myself, a huge part of my heart resides here, specifically tucked somewhere on the Cliffs of Moher, waiting for the day that I revisit the indescribable blessing that that place is.

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